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Targeted social ad campaign

We create an ad for your business to either drive traffic to your website or help you reach new customers, depending on the goal you choose.

On-demand social posts

If you’d like to inform your followers about an announcement, event, special, promotion, or other update, simply submit a few details, and we’ll post about it for you.

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Website services

We perform quarterly search engine optimization (SEO) audits on your website that make it easier to find on search engines. You can also make unlimited requests to update your website.

Connecting Platforms

Before we can get started, we need you to connect
your social media platforms to GoDaddy.

Ads & Posts

Social Ad Campaign

An ongoing social ad to promote your business on Facebook and Instagram to either drive traffic to your website or help you reach new customers

Social ad campaign new
  1. Provide a bit of information about your business and choose a goal for the campaign, to drive traffic to your website or to help you reach new customers.

  3. We create an ad with images and text that aim to help you best reach your goal.

  5. An ad preview appears in the Digital Ads section of your dashboard, at which point you can request any changes via email before it runs.

  7. You can see how your ad is performing in your dashboard. We suggest that you let the ad run for at least three months before requesting other edits.

On-Demand Posts

On-demand social posts to inform your customers about announcements, events, specials, promotions, or other updates

  1. Tell us what you’d like to post about. Send us images to use, or we can can pick some for you.

  3. We create post(s) with images and text that will be scheduled to publish at a specific time.

  5. After they’re scheduled, you can view them in your dashboard and request changes via email before they are published.

  7. Each post is published only once each.

Website Services

On-demand website updates

You get unlimited requests for our team to update your website. Submit a request at any time directly through your dashboard.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

Every quarter, we optimize your website to rank higher on search engines like Google. This helps your audience find you online.


Our team of experts fixes behind-the-scenes issues that would be a problem for your customers: broken links, images that aren't loading, etc.

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